Dr. Nerina Garcia-Arcement is a licensed bilingual clinical psychologist and owner of Williamsburg Therapy and Wellness a private practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She specializes in helping adults through the challenges associated with life transitions, stress, anxiety, trauma and depression.

As a therapist that works with adult individuals and couples, her focus is on helping them adjust to new transitions and changes in their lives. Transitions such as parenting stress, career changes, relationship difficulties, divorce, loss of loved ones, health problems, recent immigration, adjustment to culture change, and trauma survivors.

Dr. Garcia-Arcement knows it can be difficult to tell your personal story to a stranger. Finding the right therapist can make this easier. She is empathic, approachable and supportive. Her goal is to understand your unique experience while helping you learn to tolerate the uncertainty that major life transitions brings. In therapy you work collaboratively as partners to identify and explore areas of personal growth and changes you would like to make. The focus will be on what life experiences and transitions are causing difficulties in your social, professional, academic, interpersonal or romantic life.

Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and insight oriented/psychodynamic techniques will help identify current problems, develop individualized strategies to ease your stress, and gain insight into understanding your patterns in behavior. Self exploration helps you understand the way you think and act, it will help shed light on behaviors that worked in the past but are not effective any longer. Mindfulness, imagery, relaxation exercises, meditation and diaphragmatic breathing are useful stress reduction techniques that are incorporated during the sessions as appropriate.

As a psychologist with years of experience teaching assertiveness skills and how to communicate more effectively, she will work with you to individualize a plan that best meets your needs. Working together, you can become more proficient in asking for what you need in your interpersonal and work relationships.

Williamsburg Therapy and Wellness offers on-site corporate group seminars and workshops on multiple topics that include: Assertiveness skills; How to manage stress and worry; How to “quiet the mind” through mindfulness, relaxation and meditation; and How to find a work/family life balance for parents.